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Download Virtual Tennis 2009 Latest Update Full PC Game 2012.11.27 | 1.4 GB

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Virtua Tennis 2009 opens the way to the world of tennis. You will be able to participate in the legendary match on the court and confront the world’s best tennis players. Play as Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, on behalf of Venus Williams. In Virtua Tennis 2009 there was a place for new players.

For example, Andy Murray, the fourth in the list of the best male tennis players, and Ana Ivanovic, French Open champion among women. You will be able to personally take part in important competitions, including the Davis Cup and World Championships, where the uncompromising struggle converge twenty best tennis players of the world. Along with the serious competition in Virtua Tennis 2009 provided 12 mini-games that help hone the necessary skills to win sports. Believable animation and precision control will allow you to cross the border of reality and move to the other side of the screen, feel this sun-drenched tennis court.

New players and courts. You can try yourself as any of two dozen well-known players. Participate in the most demanding tournaments including the Davis Cup. Play in the familiar and entirely new courts!

Create your tennis. With the new system of creating characters you can customize your facial features, change the constitution and the player will pick up clothes. Also, Virtua Tennis 2009, you can create not only the protagonist, but also neutral athletes who later become your competitors. Flood the world with new tennis stars!
Take a break from tournaments. Along with serious championship game features 12 mini-park, 5 of which have appeared for the first time. Participate in them may be one or three friends, earning points and sending its result to the table ranking players from all over the world.

Stunning realism. From the stands supporting players three fans, and the tennis players looked like alive.

Careers in the network. Oderzhivaya winning online tournaments, you earn the prize money to spend on buying accessories in a special tennis shop. Create a truly unique character with 800 different items of equipment.

Features repack
“Do not cut;
“Audio quality: 100%;
“Video quality: 100%;
“The ability to set soft’a;
“All the registry path saved;
“Running the game through the shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu;
“Running through the launcher shortcut on the desktop;
“Installation time 20 min.;
“Game Version: v1.0;
“By Repack’a: Skorp1oN

Updates Repack’a:
26.11.12 torrent updated!
Reduced weight was 3,3 GB, and now 1.37 GB.
Matches the previous Repack’om not!

System requirements:
♦ Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7;
♦ Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon 64 3 GHz;
♦ Memory: 1 GB;
♦ Video: 3D-accelerator with 256 MB of memory;
♦ Hard disk: 4 GB

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